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Only a Domestic Terror Attack Can Rescue Brand Obama

2012 Defeat Assured, Unless Administration Exploits a ‘Crisis’
(By Paul Joseph Watson @ PrisonPlanet.Com)

Despite being hailed as a ‘Christ-like savior,’ when he was elected, a record number of Americans have lost faith in Barack Obama, with just 17 percent believing the his administration is leading the nation in the right direction, figures that illustrate how Obama’s handling of the debt crisis, has virtually assured his 2012 election defeat, unless the President can exploit a ‘terror attack’ on U.S. soil to regain popular support. (Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)

This Inevitable ‘False-flag’ Attack, Will Open The Door, (PDD-51) For Total Control Over The Unsuspecting American Citizens, (Who Are ALREADY Considered By The Criminal Globalists, The ‘BANK$TER$ as Well as The DHS, As “Domestic Terrorists.”) REMEMBER: In THIS “Brave New World, of ‘1984,” EVERYONE Is Suspect, EVERYONE Must Be; Watched, Tracked, Spied Upon and Controlled.


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