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Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops In U.S. For Civil Unrest, Populace a Threat

Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops In “CONUS” …
For Civil Unrest, Possible Threats To Populace
(From Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas @ The Intel Hub)
“Since we published this report further evidence has been released in regards to a possible economic collapse and troops on the streets. We must also be aware of the fact that they could be purposely gearing up the military and martial law threats, in order to pass a draconian debt ceiling deal.”

In 2008 The Pentagon announced plans to deploy a 20,000 strong internal troop force inside the continental United States (CONUS) that was set to be trained by 2011, thus dovetailing into the current troop and equipment movements around the country, reported by truckers as well as many more troop sightings by everyday citizens.

Interestingly enough, this plan directly correlates with a 2009, Army funded, Rand Corporation study that called for an internal United States police force to combat civil unrest.

This study asks several questions. First, is a Stability Police Force (SPF) necessary? An SPF is a high-end police force that engages in a range of tasks such as crowd and riot control, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and investigations of organized criminal groups. In its ability to operate in stability operations, it is similar to such European forces as the Italian Carabinieri and French Gendarmerie.

Its focus on high endtasks makes it fundamentally different from UN or other civilian police, who deal with more routine law and order functions. It is also different from most military forces, which are generally not trained and experienced to conduct policing tasks in a civilian environment.

Second, if an SPF is necessary, what should it look like? This includes considering such issues as: its objectives, tasks, and size; its speed of deployment; its institutional capabilities; where it should be headquartered in the U.S. government and how it should be staffed (standing force, reserve force, and hybrid force); and its cost.

It’s openly admitted, that the ‘internal force’ will be used to quell civil unrest’ due to massive large scale terror attacks and/or, )the Inevitable) ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. Will the powers-that-be, stage a repeat of the martial law threats to congress, that they presented back in 2008 to get the ‘bailouts’ passed, to get the debt ceiling raised now?   Rep. Brad Sherman laid out what took place, during the ‘bailouts’ in 2008:

Many people have voiced fears, this will turn our country into a total militarized police state, wondering what will happen in the future once the sheeple are conditioned to the military roaming the streets in America. Unfortunately, the military is already taking an active role in numerous domestic policies activities in close to a dozen states including Florida, Tennessee, California, Alabama, and Pennsylvania.

The following is an RT clip of the Pentagon’s announcement: Some have speculated that this is the beginning phases of REX84 (Readiness Exercise 1984) being activated due to a catastrophic event that is yet to take place.
(Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)


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