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War by Deception

War by Deception:
The ‘Shadow Government’ and ‘Shadow Economy’” As the chaos continues, (and if we let them) we’ll see a clash in the Middle East, between Israel and any number of Arab countries in the mid-east and Russia, that could well be the start of the 3rd World War, the excuse for draconian “safety” measures (martial law) and the start of the “mass culling” of humanity. All these events are leading the duped ‘sheeple’ into the scam of the Satanic ‘SELF-Fulfilling Prophecies’ of a one thousand year, golden age reign, better known as; “The New World Order.” … This film’s a product of an incredible amount of hard work and research, by filmmaker Ryan Dawson, collecting the facts and supporting footage. It begins by showing the correspondences between the “Iran-Contra affair” and, the events leading up to the Pre-emptive war in Iraq. Many of the same members of the U.S. Government, were involved in the execution, as well as the control of the prodigious mainstream media “whitewash” of 9/11 … Definitely Worth Viewing.


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