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Terrafugia Flying Car – Cleared For Landing In US

(FOX News – News Corp. Australian Papers
    A Flying Car, retailing for $227,000 could be on roads in a matter of months — and customers are already lining up, to be the first to get their hands on one, (its maker claims). The “Terrafugia Transition” passed a significant milestone, when it was cleared for takeoff, by the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration. It’s taken Terrafugia, (Latin For; “Escape The Earth”) founder Carl Dietrich, just five years to realize his dream, with some media outlets reporting that the ‘Transition’ could soon be on U.S. roads, (and air) by the end of next year. Last year, the project was headed for trouble, after ‘authorities’ demanded design changes, costing Terrafugia, somewhere in the order of $18 million. Dietrich’s company, (based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.) then won a $60 million contract, with the Defense Department, to develop a ‘flying Humvee.’
(You Can Grab, The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)
    Remember “Scaramanga” and “Nick Nack” Escaped “Bond,” ‘Sheriff J.W. Pepper,’ (and The local ‘Authorities’) Using Scaramanga’s ‘Flying Car,’ (a 1974 AMC Matador) Back In 1974’s — James Bond Classic; “The Man With The Golden Gun?” 
(One of My Personal Favorites!)


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