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The Whistleblower

(By Catherine Austin Fitts @ The Solari Report)
Check out “The Whistleblower,” a film that opened in August 2011, is a story based on the efforts of a few brave people, to stop the Sex Slave Trafficking, involving a US/UN contractor. … The story is a real eye-opener. Given the importance of slave trafficking to compromising governmental and business leaders world-wide and, consequently, manipulating financial markets, it is quite important context, to the events in and around global debt workouts and budget squabbles. 
(You Should, Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!
Below, is the actual letter, from Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage, re: Award of Sole Source Contract to DynCorp, to Provide Police, Judiciary and Prisons in Iraq, in light of allegations, re: Adult and Children –  Sex Slave Trafficking.
GOOGLE Search:
Predictive Programming: The (hidden in plain view) Truth
WEBMASTER’S COMMENT: Rep. (GA.) Cynthia McKinney ‘Grills’ Sec. of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, About The “Dyncorp-Halliburton” ‘Sex-Slave’ Child Kidnapping Rings, … ALSO, The “Missing” 2.3 TRILLION Dollars From The Pentagon, … That Disappeared Before Sept. 11, 2001. (Interestingly enough, the area of the Pentagon that was hit, (by whatever) housed all of the accounting information and paperwork concerning the missing Trillions AND the investigation(s) concerning the “Dyncorp-Halliburton – Sex Slave Kidnapping Rings.”) McKinney Also questions “Rummy,” about the 9/11 ‘War games,’ (or “Drills” on 9/11) that were taking place on Tuesday,  September 11, 2001, at the Exact Same Time, the REAL ‘False-flag’ attacks were occurring, (thus confusing NORAD, to the point of thier inability to function properly and react to the threat, according to standard protocols that were in place).

* “CIA – U.S. Government-run, Child Kidnapping Rings
* “Franklin Cover Up: Lawrence King & Child Kidnapping Ring
* “The ‘Franklin Cover Up’ – Child Kidnapping Rings

CAUTION: Adult Content!
‘Banned From TV’ Documentary; “Conspiracy of Silence”
(Go HERE, For MORE Information About The Above Film.)


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