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FMCSA-DOT To Require CDL License To Drive Farm Vehicles

Proposed ‘Rule’ on Farms, Called ‘Absurd’
(By Sonny Riddle @ The Gazette Virginian)
A new rule being proposed by the Federal Department of Transportation would require farmers to get commercial drivers licenses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a part of DOT, wants to adopt standards that would reclassify all farm vehicles and implements as Commercial Motor Vehicles, officials said. Likewise, the proposal, if adopted, would require all farmers and everyone on the farm who operates any of the equipment to obtain a CDL, they added. The proposed rule change would mean that anyone who drives a tractor or operates any piece of motorized farming equipment would be required to pass the same tests and complete the same detailed forms and logs required of semi-tractor trailer drivers. Drivers would keep logs of information including hours worked and miles traveled. Vehicles would be required to display DOT numbers.
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  1. Right on!

    August 28, 2011 at 7:46 AM

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