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FREE Firefox Add-on, Makes Browsing Safer

Using the more secure Internet protocol HTTPS adds a layer of security to Internet connections. If you use the Mozilla Firefox Browser, you can install a FREE extension, from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)  called “HTTPS Everywhere” that will ensure the more secure type of connection for a variety of websites. The extension works, by rewriting all requests to an HTTPS URL, whenever you visit one of the sites, supported by the extension. Not every site works, but there are over a thousand supported sites. They include; Google Search, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook,, blogs, The New York Times, Paypal, and Tor. A list of supported sites are available in the configuration options, (for the installed extension). The ‘extension’ can be installed at this link(NOTE: Firefox only, versions 3.6 and up.)

Go HERE, To Visit CC.C’s FREE Software Page!


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