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Ron Paul On The FEMA Camps

“They’re setting the stage for violence in this country” The above information is extremely important. Ron Paul was recently asked by an investigative blogger, if he was concerned about legislation in Congress, that would officially establish FEMA internment camps in America. Ron Paul responded in the affirmative. Paul went on to say that “they” and, (or) The DHS, wanted violence as a pretext to roll out the ‘clamp-down.’

The Department of “Homeland Security” Was Setup, By STASI, (Gestapo) Chief Markus Wolf & KGB General Yevgeni Primakoff?
(GOOGLE: “Rex-84,” “HR: 645,” “FEMA Camps In America”)
  GOOGLE: “FEMA Camp Locations” and “FEMA Executive Orders

Agenda 21,” “Codex Alimentarius,” (World Food Code) FEMA Camps, 80% Planetary Depopulation = New World Order Terror Go HERE, For; “Camp FEMA – American Lockdown” & MORE!


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