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School Forces Little Girl to Apologize to the Boy Who Raped Her

(Article Featured By “Colonel SIXX” @ Colonel6.Com)
When she was only in seventh grade, a special education student in Republic, Missouri told school officials that another student had sexually assaulted her. Their response? To force her to write an apology letter to her rapist, then expel her for the rest of the year. When the student returned to school in the fall, the boy continued to harass and assault her. Then, in February 2010, he raped her in the back of the school library. Despite his admission of guilt in juvenile court and, DNA evidence of his crime, the school still claims that the situation is “frivolous.” According to the Republic School District, the only one who deserves punishment in the case is the student herself, for “failing to protect herself.” Students deserve protection and support in sexual assault cases, not prejudice and bullying. Demand an apology from the Republic School District for their despicable behavior!  Sign The Petition For Justice HERE!
(WEBMASTER’S COMMENT: Why do I think the student deserves justice? Answer: Self Explanatory — Common Sense and Rule of Law. … Rape Is Against The Law. PERIOD. The people who aided and abetted in this crime at the “Republic” School District, should be fired from their positions, arrested and prosecuted for their despicable, collusionist behavior!)


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