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Tased From Above! New Robo-Copter To Begin Patrolling U.S. Skies

New ‘Robo-Copter’ To Begin Patrolling U.S. Skies
(By Peter Murray @ SingularityHub.Com)
Forget the idea that weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are only for military operations in wars fought in far off lands. Soon they’ll begin setting their sights on criminals within our borders. And they’ll be packing heat, not the long-range missiles of the X-47B, but with up close and personal stun guns, 12-gauge shotguns and, believe it or not, grenade launchers. As a sign of new law enforcement tactics to come, the Sheriff’s Office of Montgomery County, Texas was recently awarded a grant by the Dept. of Homeland Security, for a squadron of ShadowHawks. Montgomery County’s Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel is psyched. “We’re very excited about the funding and looking forward to placing these into the field. Both my narcotics and SWAT units, have been looking at numerous ways to deploy it and I absolutely believe it’ll become a critical component on SWAT callouts, narcotics raids and emergency management operations.”

“Big Sis” Green-Lights Drone, That Tazes ‘Suspects’ From Above
(Article By P. J. Watson @ PrisonPlanet.Com)


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