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What Really Happened At The Pentagon on 9/11?

April Gallop – Soldier, Eyewitness/Mother At Pentagon on 9/11.
NOTE: ‘Fast-forward’ To The 6 Min Mark April Gallop was at the Pentagon with her 2 months old baby, when the 9/11 explosion at the pentagon blew her off her feet. April walked out of the crater hole in the Pentagon injured, but alive. Listen to April’s first hand testimony, of what She saw on 9/11. The testimony that the 9/11 commission and the major/dominant news media have shamelessly kept from you — and we, the American People. (GOOGLE: 9-11 April Gallop)
(YouTube: April Gallop at Pentagon on 9-11)

The “Center For 9/11 Justice” is supporting the efforts of victim/survivor, of the attack on the Pentagon, April Gallop, who is the plaintiff, in a civil suit against high U.S. officials who appear responsible for the atrocities of that day, particularly the (then) Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney. April Gallop was a soldier assigned to the Pentagon on September 11th, … It was her first day back from maternity leave. She and her two month old baby, Elisha, suffered serious head injuries, as a result of the explosions that occurred at the Pentagon that morning. Ms. Gallop filed a lawsuit in the federal court in New York City against Rumsfeld, Cheney, General Richard Myers and others. With its initiation comes the possibility of justice.
(Visit The “Center For 9/11 Justice”)

It’s clear, that 9/11 was a ‘made for TV’ event, an event wherein the control of the national feeds are in the hands of globalists. It was such a scripted event that the timing of the script sometimes was a little off. The “Saloman” Building, can be seen standing in the background (to the upper-right right of Jane Standley). … The “Saloman” Building would not be “pulled” on orders of the WTC building’s owner, Larry Silverstein — for about an hour later.


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