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Full GOP Debate, Reagan Library 09-07-2011

GOP Debate, Reagan Library: Politico/NBC, 09/07/2011

MSNBC Ignores Winner of GOP Reagan Library Debate
As noted earlier, Ron Paul swept an NBC poll as the winner of the Simi Valley “Ronald Reagan shrine” debate, staged by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Since the article was posted, Paul has pulled even farther away, from the ‘establishment’ pack of hopeful teleprompter readers: 
Yet MSNBC ignored the results of its own poll. But it is worse than that, (as Mike Adams of Natural News notes) MSNBC played ‘tricks’ with the graphics on the poll page, in order to make Paul’s substantial lead, not look as significant as it was. The “deliberate shortening of the Ron Paul bar was reserved solely for him, as all the rest of the candidates have accurate bar lengths,” wrote Adams. It’s all part of a psychological operation by MSNBC and others, to minimize the impact of Ron Paul’s campaign and undercut the opinions of its dwindling readership. 
 (Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)


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