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Paul Slams Perry, As Al Gore’s Texas Cheerleader

New Ad, Exposes “Slick Rick” Perry’s, Liberal/Democrat Past, as Al Gore Campaign Supporter & More …
(By Steve Watson @ PrisonPlanet.Com)

In a new ad released by the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, Rick Perry’s intimate ties to Al Gore’s presidential campaign are laid bare, as Paul exposes the fact to GOP voters that the current frontrunner is anything but a real conservative. The 60 second spot, is entitled simply; “Trust.” The video highlights, how Dr. Ron Paul, was one of only four Republican Congressmen, to endorse Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president. In fact, Perry actually Served As Al Gore’s Campaign Chairman in the state of Texas that year. When Perry entered the 2012 race, he immediately began parroting Ron Paul’s fiscal conservative and anti-big government values. Unlike Congressman Ron Paul, however, Perry cannot possibly paint himself up as a fiscally responsible anti-establishment candidate. Under Perry’s governorship, Texas soaked up $22 billion in ‘stimulus’ money, from the federal government’s bailout package. 20 plus years ago, (back when Perry was expending all his energy promoting Al Gore) Ron Paul was warning the country of the Federal Reserve takeover and the inevitable economic crises that would result. During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Ron Paul described Perry as a “flip-flopper”, pointing out that the Texas Governor had also strongly supported the ill fated Hillarycare in 1993.

  Anyone with half a brain, can clearly see that Perry, the template of a career politician, a man who has ‘flip flopped’ not only between issues, but even between the two parties, is NOT going to bring ‘economic prosperity’ back to the country. The only candidate who has the will to do so, (And The Record To Back It Up) IS Ron Paul. (Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)


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