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Where Were They On 9-11-2001?

Where WAS Usama Bin Laden, The Day Before 9/11? CBS News, documents how Bin Laden was under the nose of American intelligence in Rawalpindi, getting kidney dialysis on September 10th, 2001. (Dead In Dec. 2001 — See HERE & HERE!)

“Good Morning America” Learns, That …
Usama Bin Laden, (aka; “Tim Osman”) Was a CIA asset  

“Al-Qaeda” (CIA Creation) Never Existed — Usama bin Laden, Was A CIA Asset (From: The BBC’s “The Power of Nightmares”)

Ex-CIA Agent: “America Creates Its Own Enemies”

Where WAS George W. Bush On 9/11?

Where WAS V.P. Dick Cheney On 9/11? The Vice President, was in the ‘Presidential Emergency Operations Center’ listening to Flight 77 approaching the Pentagon, while telling an aide that “the orders still stand” before the plane hit. What does this mean? And why does the 9/11 Commission Report deny Cheney was even there, until 20 minutes after Flight 77 hit, in total contradiction of the testimony of the Transportation Secretary and even Cheney himself? And, (more importantly) why isn’t the controlled corporate media asking questions about these important issues? (I think I answered my own question — In the question.)

Where WAS Sec. ‘Defense’ Donald Rumsfeld On 9/11?

 Congresswoman (GA.) McKinney, Grills Donald, (‘Rummy’) Rumsfeld, on U.S. Government Sanctioned Dyncorp (gov. contract) Child Sex-slave Rings, the four ‘War Games’/’Drills’ on 9/11, as well as, the  Stolen/Missing Trillions of dollars

Rumsfeld Being Grilled on the Missing Trillions pre-9/11 Senators and Congressman question Rumsfeld, on why they should give the DoD more money, when they couldn’t account for trillions of the money they already had. … On the 10th, (the day before 9/11, when the world would be changed forever).

What A ‘Coinkidink!’
The Pentagon’s Budget Analyst Office, Destroyed on 9/11 By remarkable coincidence, the miraculous trajectory of Flight 77, took it directly INto the part of the Pentagon, where budget analysts were working on the the missing trillions issue.

From: The Corbett Report: Where Were They, On 9/11/2001?
Simple question, Right? The answers are indeed surprising.


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