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Boycott The NFL AND, Their Sponsors!

Boycott The NFL & Their Sponsors!     Alex Jones (Infowars.Com) wants to launch a massive boycott against the NFL and their sponsors. Write a letter, send an e-mail, make a phone call and, vote with your dollars. We Americans should not tolerate TSA ‘good-squads’ sticking their hands down our pants, and ‘feeling-up’ our wives and children, (“enhanced” pat-down procedures) just so ‘we the people’ can go about our everyday life. (You can vote HERE in USA Today Article) In the above video, you’ll see that Alex is in the woods and, there are no TSA/ government ‘agents’ making sure that snakes wont bite him. (NOTE: More people die from snake bites, than from terrorism each year.) This is the government looking for more excuses and places to get into our everyday business. Soon The TSA will be at shopping malls and roadside ‘checkpoints.’ It’s all a matter of time. NOW Is the time to say NO and resist this blitzing of the 4th amendment.


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