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Earth Stumbles Across a Comet and a Brown Dwarf Soon?

                   BEWARE, The “Brown Dwarf” And, E.L.E.N.I.N. =
        “Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Niburu” (‘Nemesis’)

   Dec 2012, or Even Sooner? Yes, much sooner, according to Alexander Retrov, the clock runs out, In September of 2011. … Could it be possible, that the governments of the world, are keeping the truth from us? The seminar (below) presented by Alex Retrov and Krystal Alexander-Hille, will make you sit-up and take notice, about the possible truth behind, (what Alexander Retrov calls) the phony ‘2012 doomsday’ prophecy. According to Mr. Retrov, Dec 21st, 2012 is a fake date, created by the globalists, (or who Retrov refers to as; “The Illuminati”) to catch us completely unprepared, for the horrific events to come in September of 2011. Could all of this be True? You be the judge, … Listen to the evidence for yourself …
* Perhaps It’s Nothing, Or … Maybe It’s Everything.
(I Suppose Only Time Will Tell. …)
Sep. 2011, “Emergency Exercises” -Denver, CO.  GOOGLE  Search;
Ω “Operation Cocked Pistol” Emergency Exercise
Ω “Operation Mountain Guardian” Emergency Exercise

2012? The Truth You’re NOT Being Told,
(“The Clock Runs Out In September, 2011”) PART-1 PART-2 This lecture may explain it all to you, not only WHAT is going to happen, but more importantly, WHEN and WHERE. Many people have some pieces of the puzzle. However Alex Retrov not only thinks he knows the final picture, he’ll also show you how all those crazy pieces fit together. The world could change much sooner, than most people think.
(“2012 – Background Details” on E.L.E.N.I.N. & NIBIRU Here.)
* YouTube Search:
E.L.E.N.I.N. – Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis
* Google Search:
E.L.E.N.I.N. – Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis

An Interview With Alexander Retrov: (Alexander Retrov’s Website)

Russian ‘Special News Report’ on NIBIRU  

* “Leonhard Euler Predicted Comet Elenin 331 Years Ago, As Seen On Swiss Banknote

* “Mystery Surrounding Denver ‘New World’ Airport & Underground Shelter Facility

* “President Obama To Visit Underground Facility at Denver Airport – Sept. 2011
President Obama, To Visit Underground Facility, at Denver ‘New World’ Airport – Sept. 2011

The “2012 Conspiracy” 
While investigating the “2012 Conspiracy,” former Navy S.E.A.L. and (MN. Governor) Jesse Ventura, (on the TruTV series; “Conspiracy Theory”) stumbled upon clues, that point towards a huge underground bunker complex, beneath the Denver “New World” International Airport, that the U.S. governement built, (and continue to build, 24/7-365 days a week) apparently, in preparation for a cataclysmic, ‘extinction-level’ event of some sort.

The Denver “New World’ Airport Murals & Occult Symbolism

Perhaps There’s Another Reason, For Underground Facilities?
The Globalist’s Plan, To ‘Cull’ 90% of The Earth’s Population.
Google Search: “Georgia Guidestones


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