News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Infowars Nightly News – Tues Sep-27-2011

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In this Tuesday edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex covers a host of topics, including the attempt to intimidate the parents of unvaccinated students with door-to-door inoculations. — The blunt statements of trader Alessio Rastani, who told the BBC, that a larger collapse is coming, (adding that Goldman Sachs ‘rules the world.’) Corporate subservience to ‘Big Brother,’ with focus on recent admissions that OnStar technology, is used to actively spy on vehicle passengers for profit, (tech companies of all kinds are part of the game). TomTom, the satellite navigation company, was admittedly aiding law enforcement with tracking drivers, later claiming to back off from its role.


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