News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Infowars Nightly News – Fri Sep-30-2011

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Friday’s ‘Infowars Nightly News’ discusses top “Al Qaeda” operative, (and CIA double-agent) Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was reportedly killed by a predator drone in Libya. Documents now famously prove that Anwar Al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon with ‘top brass,’ just months after 9/11, despite being connected to at least three hijackers and being interviewed by the FBI multiple times. Awlaki has since emerged as a key link between dozens of alleged terror plots inside the U.S. and abroad, including the Ft. Hood shootings, the Underwear Bomber, shoebomber Richard Reid and more. Also covered in this Friday edition of the Infowars Nightly News, features an in-depth special report, on the turning tide against water fluoridation across the Western world, with nearly 250 cities across the United States opting-out of the mass-medication scheme, once touted as one of the 10 greatest health achievements in the 20th Century, … Now, Sodium Fluoride, has been proven, to be a highly toxic poison.


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