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Intell From Colonel SIXX – Sept. 30, 2011

Intell From Colonel SIXX
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 Break Away from Federal Government By States – Utah Monetary Declaration: Earlier this week I attended the ‘Utah Monetary Summit’ in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As you may know, the state of Utah passed a ‘Legal Tender Act‘ earlier this year, authorizing the use of federally minted gold and silver coins as money in the state of Utah.  Now, legislators in other states, many of whom attended the Monetary Summit, are evaluating similar legislation.

 Also From Colonel SIXX, “Agent-In-Place”:
‘NatGeo’s “Bin Laden’s Spy In America”
* U.S. Army, To Leave Behind 313 Million Dollars Of Equipment, In Iraq, — Yo Save “Shipping Costs”
The US Army will hand-over, military equipment worth millions of dollars to Iraq rather than ship the hardware to its home country, as 45,000 American troops prepare to withdraw from Iraq by December 31.Pentagon planners estimate that 3.47 million equipment pieces worth 313 million dollars would be handed over to the Iraqi Government. …

ALSO From The ‘Agent-In-Place’ …
FBI Plot to Blow Up Pentagon and Capitol with Model Planes

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