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IS The United States a Police State NOW?

A WebmasterRant‘ By Dan @ CC.C
Is It Any Wonder, Given The Rampant Corruption By The Bankster-run U.S. Government, (In League With The New World Order Criminal Elite) That The American People Are Sick and Tired, of Watching Their ‘American Dream’ Disappear, The Constitution and ‘Bill of Rights’ Ignored — WHILE, at the same time, Being Screwed and Lied To, By Our (bribed, blackmailed/coerced) ‘Elected’ (via ‘rigged’ electronic voting machines) Politicians and Criminal, Elite-owned Corporations Alike? … Is It ANY Wonder, That The American People ARE Genuinely, Ultimately PISSED OFF?! Yes, Of Course.
  The ANSWERUse Your First Ammendment Rights, To Protest, One of The Main Roots of The Problem Tree — The Criminal Wall Street Banksters; “Congress Shall Make NO Law Respecting an Establishment of Religion, or Prohibiting The Free Exercise Thereof; or Abridging The Freedom of Speech, or of The Press; or The Right of The People Peaceably To Assemble, and To Petition The Government For a Redress of Grievances.” Our ‘Founding Fathers,’ Pointed Out (Clearly) This ‘God-given Right To “We The People” of The United States of America, … What Does The U.S. Government and Their NWO Minions Say and Do?   What’s That You Say? You Think You Have The Constitution and ‘Bill of Rights’ To Assure Your Right To ‘Free Speech and Protest?! — NO!  WE Wear The Black Uniforms Now! — You’re In OUR ‘New World Order’ Now, Buddy-boy. — You People Actually Think You Have Rights?! You People Ain’t Got No Constitutional Rights Anymore — We Don’t “Protect & Serve” You ‘Civilians’ Anymore — We Work For The Criminal Corporations and Offshore Banks! Just Get On The Ground, Shut Up and Lick My Jack-boots!
In one incident, young women on the sidewalk observing the arrest of a young man in the street are corralled by cops using orange plastic nets. White-shirted Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, then, walks up, un-holsters his pepper spray gun and shoots one of the women full in the face. He re-holsters his weapon and walks away. Another video shows him doing the same thing indiscriminately to others in a clear violation of police regulations, that state; the spray is ‘only authorized, to disable someone resisting arrest.’ … Over 100 people were arrested. The MSNBC video also shows a young man with a camera, being violently slammed into a parked Volvo for videotaping the actions of the police. As O’Donnell emphasizes, Videotaping Cops Is A Completely LEGAL Activity and RIGHT. In fact, the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on exactly this situation, in a case involving a man who videotaped cops beating a man in Boston Commons. (For a PDF file of the ruling, go to: You’re In; The New World Order Police State.


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