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The War You Don’t See – A Documentary

~ Investigating The Corp. Owned, Media’s Role In War ~ Documentary film-maker John Pilger, touches upon a subject that can’t be revived often enough: the grotesque untruth of weapons of mass destruction — a cloudy concept, eagerly amplified and lent credibility by credulous and submissive journalists who, (after 9/11) lost their nerve, ‘en masse. The contention is, that on Afghanistan, on Iraq and on Israel, along with the Palestinian territories, the mainstream media simply takes the ‘official’ line. The force of this film is, (in its contention) that the colossal scale of civilian casualties is, (within the grammar of news and downgraded in importance) so that it doesn’t figure as news at all, but as; all-but-invisible, deep in the background is to be ignored, (for example; 1.5 MILLION Dead Iraqis, 90% are civilians, who were Killed by America and their allies, — To “Liberate” the Iraqi people). Pilger makes reference to ‘WikiLeaks,’ although his praise for Al-Jazeera’s ‘independence’ is ironic, given that WikiLeaks has revealed the possibility, that the bankster-controlled, Qatar government is manipulating the channel.

“There Are Secrets, Keeping Secrets,
Wrapped In Secret Jealous Lies.
Oh, These Secrets Disrespect YOU Too
They’re Secrets You’d Despise.
They Keep ‘Them’ To Be Special,
and To Have Their Catbird Seat …
They Keep ‘Them’ and Degrade Our Lives,
Inflating Their Conceits. …
They Keep ‘Them’ As They’ve No Respect,
For What You Might Hold Dear,
Then Appropriate YOUR Dreams and Such,
To Manipulate YOUR Fear.”

How “Mainstream” Media Lies, To Manipulate You

“Discovery” How The Corp. Owned Media, Lies To You This eye opening documentary film, elaborates on the discovery of American media lies, by comparing how news is delivered to the U.S. population and to other countries around the world. Through the voices of scholars, media critics, peace activists, religious figures, and Middle East experts, this documentary carefully analyzes, (and explains how) using language, framing and context — the lsraeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, stays hidden in the media, and that lsraeli colonization of the occupied terrorities, appears to be a offensive move, rather than an defensive one.
* See The Documentary; “Genocide: Worse Than War

“The Natural Progress of Things,
Is For Liberty To Yield …
and Government To Gain Ground.” 

~ Thomas Jefferson ~

What Is The ‘Mainstream’ Media NOT Reporting?


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