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Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPAs Safety Limit for Mercury

 FLU Shots,
Contain More Than 250 Times, The EPA’s Safety Limit For Mercury

(By Anthony Gucciardi @
Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each dose of flu vaccine contains around 25 micrograms of thimerosal, over 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of exposure. Mercury, a neurotoxin, is especially damaging to undeveloped brains. Considering that 25 micrograms of mercury is considered unsafe by the EPA for any human under 550 pounds, the devastating health effects of mercury on a developing fetus are truly concerning. (Visit CC.C’s “Vaccines” Webpage …)


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  1. JessicaM

    No flu shots for me!

    October 9, 2011 at 4:14 PM

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