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Anti-CO2 Propaganda Techniques And Murder, Used By The Criminal Globalists

  The Horrors of The “Global Warming-Climate Change” Hoax:
Propaganda Techniques & Murder, Used By Globalist Criminals
To Terrorize Children: Pachauri’s Strategy = Splattergate!
A series of outtakes from various Climate change propaganda videos is contrasted with a candid interview with IPCC/TERI Chairman Rajendra Pachauri in which he outlines the strategy of terrorizing Children.
What Makes A “Green” Nazi?
Because global warming has been discredited, it is now referred to as “climate change,” “climate disruption” or, the “greenhouse effect.” Many people may not realize that water vapor (H2O) accounts for 97% of all greenhouse gases and human activity contributes only a fraction of 1% to greenhouse gas emissions. Yet there is alarmism over how much carbon humans emit. Temperature drives CO2 levels. If it was beneficial to reduce carbon, limiting human carbon emissions would have no effect, because human carbon emissions are so minuscule. Other gases like methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, etc. are not major greenhouse gases. (CO2, Which We Humans Exhale) is essential for life on Planet Earth. All plants must consume it to produce food for themselves. At the current atmospheric concentrations, CO2 is limiting to plant growth. Currently, CO2 levels are about 387 ppm, and even if the levels increased by 500%, it would benefit agriculture and the Earth’s atmosphere without any harm to humans or other animal life. The Consensus, That CO2 Is Harmful and That The “Science Is “Settled,” Is Not Only False … But IS, a Bold-faced LIE. The objective of controlling greenhouse gases, is to implement political policies, (like the EPA’s 18,000 page document with carbon reduction codes that also include a ‘Cap-and-Trade’ scheme). This is another example of how the United Nations, has used a governmental body to impose its criminal schemes.


Honduran Farmers Slaughtered, In Name of “Global Warming”
(By Paul Joseph Watson @
23 farmers in Honduras were slaughtered in cold blood — by hired mercenaries, as they tried to protect their land from being seized by a corporation, who will use the land, to produce ‘biofuels‘ as part of a United Nations-accredited EU ‘carbon trading’ scheme. The United Nations’ CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) responded to news of the killings with a collective shrug of their shoulders. “We’re not investigators of crimes,” a board member told EurActiv. “We had to take judgements within our rules – however regretful that may be – and there was not much scope for us to refuse the project. … All the consultation procedures precisely had been obeyed.” 
(Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)

Behind The Global Warming Scam, Eugenics & Depopulation
‘Elite’ British/Dutch Royals & Nazis, (Who Never Went Aaway). For The Entire History, (As Well as  The Ongoing Plans)
For Eugenics and Depopulation, (By The Criminal ‘Elite’)
I Highly Recommend Watching The Film;
ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Enslavement

Last month, Infowars reported on how ‘New Forests‘ Company, a British outfit, (backed by the IMF World Bank) that seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the “carbon credits” on to transnational corporations, worked with the Ugandan government to evict villagers from their homes. Armed troops stormed the village of Kicucula, setting fire to residences and beating anyone who resisted. An eight-year-old child was killed during the terrifying raid on the (more than 20,000) people. The New York Times later reported that the bloodshed was all “For a good cause: to protect the environment and help fight global warming.” The lucrative scramble for arable land in Africa and South America, is worth millions (BILLIONS) to carbon trading companies.

 The GREAT “Global Warming/Climate Change” Swindle


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  1. For those of you NOT listening to the new “Nazi Party” THINK again. They are closer than you might imagine.

    October 9, 2011 at 4:53 PM

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