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Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Up Obama’s Presidential Records

 According to Judicial Watch, Rep. Edolphous Towns (D-NY) has introduced the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2011. That bill would do with Obama’s presidential records what Obama has already done to his personal and collegiate records: Seal them up.

In an obvious effort to protect President Barack Obama, a group of congressional Democrats, has introduced legislation to create an ‘official’ process, that will allow the commander-in-chief, to keep presidential records secret, even after he leaves office.

Ironically, Obama revoked a similar George W. Bush order in one of his first official acts as president. In 2001 Bush penned an executive order severely limiting public access to his presidential records. Shortly after swearing in, Obama killed it, as part of his much-ballyhooed commitment to ‘government transparency.’ At the time, the new president claimed that he was giving the American people greater access to “historic documents.”
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