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US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike – Within Two Weeks

U.S. Gives Israel ‘Green Light’ For Iran Strike, (Within 2 Weeks?!)
The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 Mike Adams, (NaturalNews.Com) co-hosts while Alex is on the road. Alex calls in, on the dubious Iran assassination provocation and other topics. Former State Department official and author, Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson, also discuss the possibility of war — as the Obama administration makes a transparently bogus case against Iran. Mike interviews Leslie Botha, V.P. of Public Relations with Sane Vax Inc., about Gov. Jerry Brown’s poisoning of California’s children. Mike also talks with Mike Bundrant about the neuroscience of “unrealistic optimism” and Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute about new findings on GMOs now included in “organic” and “natural” cereals.
(Get Full PDF Report, On How ‘Organic’ Is Spiked W/GMOs HERE!
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Judge Andrew Napolitano, On FOX “Freedom Watch
Covers Phony Bomb Plot, To Be Used To Spark WW3 Judge Napolitano and Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, cover what’s looking like a “False Flag” plot, concerning the iranians hiring mexican drug cartels, to assassinate a saudi ambassador on U.S. soil. Israel and the U.S. will use this “False Flag” operation, to launch strikes on Iran, that will spark a major war in the middle east, involving, (potentially) Russia and China, (who’s backing Iran) thereby, unleashing the planet’s 3rd World War.

   On the Thursday, October 13 edition of the “Infowars Nightly News,” Again, Mike Adams ‘sat in’ for Alex Jones. … He interviewed Sao Paulo, Brazil-based journalist, Pepe Escobar, who writes for the Asia Times Online, about the bogus Iranian ‘terror’ plot and the Obama administration’s move toward World War 3. Mike ran down, the latest fast moving developments on Iran and the efforts by the Obama administration, with the Justice and State departments, to cobble together an excuse, to invade the Islamic country of Iran and touch off a conflagration that will likely set the Middle East ablaze. Mike also talked with Bryce Shonka, the deputy director of the “Tenth Amendment Center,” about the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) movement, encamped in Lower Manhattan.

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CUERNAVACA, MEXICO – Thursday, April 2, 2009

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