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The Globalists Are On The Fast-track To World War III

The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, October 14, 2011
On the Friday edition of “the Alex Jones’ Show,” former State Department official, Dr. Steve Pieczenik returned, with more commentary on the “’bogus’ Iranian terror” attack. Alex also talked with Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, about the Iran operation and the move towards war. Shaffer is the author of the government censored book Operation Dark Heart. Alex also talked with retired CIA officer Ray McGovern, as well as renowned trends forecaster, Gerald Celente about the “false flag” operation and the move toward World War Three. Gerald Celente forecasted last year; “there will be a ‘major war,’ as the economy crumbles.”
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Aaron Dykes fills in for Alex Jones. Aaron covers the news and talks with guests Rick Warden, whose “Texas Video Truth” has been covering END The FED and Occupy the FED in Dallas since last Friday, (Oct. 7, 2011) and is one of the organizers of the event. Then, Aaron talks with Tony Caso, a citizen of Pinellas County, Florida, who was instrumental in ending the poisonous fluoridation of their water supply (PinellasPatriots.Org). Then, Aaron also has, (in-studio) Dr. Laura Pressley, of Fluoride Free Austin.
(Go HERE, To Visit CCC’s “FLUORIDE Dangers” Webpage …)

Professor Paul Connett: “YOUR Toxic Tap Water” Professor of Chemistry (at St. Lawrence University in New York) Dr. Paul Connett, gives a damning, testimonial interview, on the history of water fluoridation, the collusion of major globalist industries, to put certified ‘toxic waste’ into your drinking water, as well as why government health ‘authorities,’ refuse to conduct scientific studies into the dangers of fluoridation. After watching this video, you’ll never look at ‘tap water’ the same way again.
[Read Dr. Paul Connett’s Statement on Fluoridation:
“Fluoride: A Statement of Concern”
* Make YOUR City Accountable, For Adding Fluoride To Water 


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