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By By Birdies and Gaddafi – as The The Global Economy Continues To Slide

    The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 On the Monday, October 24, 2011 Edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Aaron Dykes sat in for Alex. Aaron covered the latest breaking news and ran down the important issues of the day, including the aftermath of the alleged assassination of Gaddafi as well as the continuing slide of the global economy. Aaron talks with ex-‘spook’ and  investigative journalist Wayne Madsen and’s contributing editor and writer Patrick Henningsen, about The Libyan branch of ‘al-Qaeda’ (The ”Rebels”) announcing its plan for Islamic Sharia law in Libya, Lead by NATO Head Puppet, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil. Alex calls-in, from the road …
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   Aaron Dykes with Marc Morano, on the colapsing “Global Warming”/“Climate Change” Fraud/Hoax …
* U.S. Senator to Syria’s Assad: ‘You’re next, buddy!’


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