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Confessions of a Big Pharma Pusher – Raw Milk Freedom Riders – Preparedness – Coming Economic Riots and Wars

    The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 On the Tuesday, October 25th 2011 Edition, of the Alex Jones’ Show, “Natural News” Editor, Mike Adams hosts the show, (as Alex Jones continues his assignment ‘on the road’). Mike covered the latest breaking news, including new revelations and developments on the alleged murder of Moammer Gaddafi in Libya, as economic disaster teeters on the edge in Europe and the U.S. … Mike talks with author Gwen Olsen, in-studio. Olsen, was a ‘sales rep’ in the pharmaceutical industry for fifteen years, and wrote “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher,” a book that describes, how “big pharma” entices doctors to push prescription medications upon patients. Mike also talks with ‘raw milk’ activist, Liz Reitzig who, (along with the Raw Milk Freedom Riders) is challenging the FDA, to arrest her in November. Health, nutrition and nature-based philosopher Daniel Vitalis talks with Mike about preparedness, Libya, and the coming economic riots and wars.
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   NYC Cops Caught Gun ‘Smuggling’ and Murdering ‘Civilians’  … THEN,  The “Skyactiv Tech(The “Prisonmobile” Filmed In a ‘FEMA’ Camp). “Tom-Tom” Sells Motorist User Data, and Much, Much More


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