News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

It’s Bad, When Russian News — Is More Reliable Than U.S. News

 Congress Voted Against Libya WAR Investigative reporter, (and ex-NSA ‘Spook’) Wayne Madsen, who spent some time in Libya, shares his views on what’s really going on in the country and why the mainstream media deliberately misinforms the public about real goals of NATO. (June, 2011)
  As NATO attacks continued in Libya, ex U.S. Congresswoman, (and former presidential candidate) Cynthia McKinney, went to Libya on a non-governmental ‘fact-finding’ mission, (as mentioned above, by Wayne Madsen) to see what exactly is going on in the war-torn country. Cynthia McKinney believes the bombardments of Libyan cities, (and other ‘measures’ taken by NATO) causing massive civilian casualties, represent the idea of “collective punishment.” (June, 2011)
‘Gaddafi Death: Omen of Tribal War & Mob Rule In Libya’ Libya’s turning a new page in its history, following the killing of ousted dictator, Moammar Gaddafi. His burial was delayed, after the UN called for an investigation into how he died. Gaddafi was reportedly shot in a crossfire during an assault on his hometown of Sirte. But the footage of his lifeless and broken body was so graphic, some wonder why, it was broadcast for all to see. I Wonder …
Do Americans Really Think, These Endless Wars, Are Worth It?


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