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Lifting The Veil of Evil

Watch Below, as Alex exposes the horrific 'mainstream' media's fraud/cover-up, in his beginning segment: ''Lifting The Veil of Evil.''   On the Friday, (October 28, 2011) edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex exposes corporate-owned media bias, concerning the endless wars, that the Neocon ‘Presstitutes’ Promote … Covering up the rising death-toll, of innocent civilians that are being slaughtered, in the name of “protecting our freedoms” and “Spreading Democracy” throughout the Muslem world. Can YOU — As A Real Human-being, Reconcile — Over A MILLION Dead Iraqi Civilians and, an estimated 40-50 thousand, Libyan Civilians murdered, by endless bombardments by U.S. and NATO forces. Does the ‘Mainstream’ Media tell you, the “Rebels” (that U.S. Tax-dollars Paid For, In “Support”) are Actually “Al-Qaeda” Forces? — Wait! Aren’t We, “At War” With “Al-Qaeda” In The Middle-East? Aren’t THEY The Ones Who Attacked Us, on September 11th? Alex exposes this horrific fraud and cover-up, in his beginning segment; Lifting The Veil of Evil.” He also breaks down the latest, on the TSA ‘home-front’ and What They’ve Planned NEXT, For We, The American People. … Because, You See, … YOU Are Now Considered As; “Terrorists,” … Whether You Know It, You Like It, or Not.
[The Last 1000 Alex Jones’ Daily Shows, (RSS).]

SEVEN Countries, In FIVE Years?! 4-Star General, Wesley Clark, “Blows The Whistle” on The New World Order, Globalist Plan(s), To Invade SEVEN Middle-east Countries Within a FIVE Year Period.
(Do You Still Think, Our ‘Men and Woman In Uniform,’ Are ‘Over-there,’ “Fighting For Our Freedoms?”)
It’s Time For The American Sheeple, To Stop Sucking Their Thumbs,
Living In Denial and Grow-up.


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