News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

CREEPY News of The Week …

* Jesus’ Name Ruled ‘Unconstitutional’
* Spending More Than 5 Minutes Taking Photos From One Spot Can Land You In Jail, In Washington D.C.
* “Climate Change” Scientist Faces Lie Detector Test
* Genetic Manipulation: The Global Elite’s “Thing”
* DHS Halloween Checkpoints In Tenn., To Keep Children ‘Safe’
* Big Brother’s Listening To Phone Calls & Reading Text Mess.
* Security researcher finds major security flaw in Facebook
* Shrimp on Treadmill – U.S. Government Study
* Obama Calls The Murder of Children in Libya — A “Success”
* IBM Sims 4.5 percent of the Human Brain & All of Cat Brain
* Brain Scanner ‘Reads’ People’s Dreams – Accurately Enough, To See What They’re Dreaming About
* CDC Advisory Panel Declares, Young Boys Should Be Vaccinated Against HPV, Cervical Cancer?!
* Furious Greeks, Lampoon German ‘Overlords’ As Nazis, With Picture of Merkel Dressed As An SS Guard
* Libya & Gaddafi: The Truth, You’re NOT Supposed To Know
* “Occupy the World” Words & Actions of Our Dear Leaders
* Flashback: The Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam
* Naked, Bloody Imperialism or “We Came, We Saw, He Died”
* House Takes Senate’s Bad Internet Censorship Bill, Tries Making It Worse! (This isn’t some off-the-wall piece of legislation with ‘no chance’ of passing, either.)
* ‘Rogue Websites’ Bill, Introduced In U.S. House of Reps
* BAD IDEA: Unearthing The “Spanish Flu”
* The “Agenda 21” Document, EVERYONE Should Be Afraid Of!  
* From 7 Billion People To 500 Million People – The Sick “Population Control” ‘Agenda’ Of The Global ‘Elite’ 
* “And Now, For World Government”
* Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, — Builds Cars In Finland?!
* Statements of Principles For PNAC
* “Big Brother” Considers Tracking Drivers’ Every Move
* Government Could Hide Existence of Records, Under FOIA Rule Proposal (they want to make lying by the Government legal!)


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