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DHS-Funded Taser Drone Launched in Texas

UAVs Used Against “Insurgents” In Afghanistan, Can ‘Incapacitate’ (or Kill) Suspects From Above, … Are Now HERE,
In The United States of America.

(By P. J. Watson @ Infowars.Com)
A Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance drone deployed against insurgents in Afghanistan that can also be used to tase suspects from above has been unveiled by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office and will be ‘operational’ within a month. “At $500,000 a pop, Montgomery county spent $250,000 to get the UAV. The rest was covered by a Department of Homeland Security grant,” reports Although its initial role will be limited to surveillance, the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, previously used against suspected terrorists in Afghanistan and East Africa, has the ability to tase suspects from above as well as carrying 12-gauge shotguns and grenade launchers.


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