News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Taking The Infowar To The Next Level – The Moneybomb!

Infowars Launched 24-Hr Offensive Against Tyranny
The 27 Hour “Information War” Began on Thursday, Nov. 3 and, Ended on Friday, Nov. 4th. However, You Can Watch The ‘Rebroadcast,’ Via ‘Full Screen’ Video!
 Simply Click on The YouTube Search-Link Below: 

The 2011, 27 Hour, “Infowars ‘Moneybomb” Presentation:
YouTube Search: Infowars Money Bomb 2011 (Full)

Alex hosted a power-packed, (27 hour-long) “money-bomb” presentation, (Nov. 3-4) with a large number of guests, including: Joel Skousen, Webster Tarpley, Katherine Albrecht, George Noory, David Icke, Alfred Adask, Texe Marrs, James Corbett, Fritz Springmeier, Charlotte Iserbyt, Nick Begich, Paul Joseph Watson, Aaron Dykes, Mike Adams, Richard Reeves, Gerald Celente, Jim Marrs, Tony Topping, Bob Chapman and Many, Many More.

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