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Raw Milk Under Siege – Ron Paul On Iran and Rahm’s New Fines

  On the Monday, (November 7th) edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex talked with Liz Reitzig of the ‘Raw Milk Freedom Riders’ and activist and journalist Adam Kokesh, about the feds and their attack on the right of people to produce and consume raw milk. Additional topics covered included: The efforts of pro-Israeli lobbyists to manipulate and control news coverage on the BBC and Sky News. Ron Paul’s contrian view – when compared to the rest of Congress – on Iran. The outrage of Missouri residents as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission orders them to move their homes off land the government claims is reserved for a hydroelectric project. Newly elected Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to raise revenue, by drastically increasing the amount residents pay in fines and taxes. The government’s decision to shorten its mandatory ‘Big Brother’ EAS message in response to outrage by the public. The Oakland, California, videographer shot with a rubber bullet for daring to film storm troopers. Details of the alleged Usama bin Laden ‘raid’ revealed and the call by a women’s group for presidential candidate Herman Cain to ‘come clean,’ (No pun intended) on sexual harassment allegations.

The Alex Jones Show: Monday, Nov. 7, 2011
Alex talked with Dan Cofall, the host of the Wall Street Shuffle radio program on CNN 1190 AM. Cofall’s bio describes him as a “Midwest native–turned-Texan” who is “a gun-loving, Federal Reserve–loathing, central bank–despising, big government–detesting, motorcycle-riding gold bug.” Alex also talked about the move toward war in the Middle East as Israel prepares to attack Iran and the implosion of Greece as the debt contagion spreads. [The Last 1000 Alex Jones’ Daily Shows, (RSS).]


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