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TSA VIPR Teams – Greek Debt Ramifications and WAR, (Oh MY!)

The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011
On the Tuesday’s edition of the Alex Jones Show: An exclusive interview with Jesse Ventura, who talked about the details of his lawsuit case, against the TSA.
(Jesse’s latest book; “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read,” is available at the ‘Infowars shop’)
This Activity WILL Be On Our Highways and Malls — SOON
Jesse Ventura: TSA Lawsuit Denial Press Conference Alex also talked with broadcaster, film-maker, (and former ‘equities broker’) Max Keiser, about the Greek debt crisis and its ramifications for Europe and the world economy as a whole. Keiser has made a number of predictions that have come to pass, including the 2008 collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the break-down of Iceland’s economy in 2008, and that sub-prime mortgage-backed securities would be the cause of recession in 2008. Alex covered the latest ‘breaking news’ and runs down the latest, on the prospect of war in the Middle East, as speculation continues over an Israeli attack launched against Iran.
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* Ventura: “Media Lied Over Citizenship Controversy”
* More States Accept TSA VIPR Teams at Transportation Hubs
Effort To Move “Gestapo,” From Airports, To America’s Roadways — Continues.
* DHS Official: “You’d Never Know, If New Street Lights Were Spying On You” (Homeland Security Deputy, invokes Orwell’s 1984.)
* No Smoking Gun: IAEA Iranian Nuclear Report, Falls Flat On Its Face! The ‘IAEA’ Report — Has come Up Short, But ‘Axis powers’ Are STILL Desperate, To ‘Hit’ Iran
* The ‘Creepy’ NYPD Watchtowers, ‘Monitoring’ OWS Protesters
There’s a creepy metal monster, … looming over Liberty Square, — but don’t ask questions about it, or else.
* Water ‘Fluoridation’ War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out: The public’s opinion on fluoride, has changed so much, in just a short time, (The ‘Surfs’ Are Waking Up!). (Aspartame and “AGENDA 21,” Are Mentioned above, As Well …)
* Bill (“Slick Willie) Clinton, Endorses Rick Perry’s ‘DREAM’ Act
Criminal Globalist, Bill Clinton, backs Perry’s ‘amnesty’ and benefits program for illegal aliens


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