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Agenda 21 Update – Health Department Tyrants Raid Farm-To-Fork Picnic

American Policy Center: Update on “Agenda 21”

“Agenda 21” Way of Implementation …
Health Department Tyrants Raid Local ‘Farm-To-Fork’ Picnic Dinner, Orders ALL Food Destroyed With Bleach
(By Ethan A. Huff @ NaturalNews.Com) 
 “One of the so-called reasons for this action included the fact that some of the food packaging did not contain labels, even though labels are not necessary if the food is eaten within 72 hours. Oaks also cited the fact that some of the meat was not U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified, that the vegetables had already been cut and were thus a “bio-hazard” and, there were no receipts for the food (which was all grown on the farm, not purchased from a grocery store).”  We’re seeing incidents like this, more and more often, as government bureaucrats are shutting-down farmers and food supplement manufacturers. Yet were’re told, (via “Agenda 21”) that we will have to feed ourselves from within a 100 mile radius, of where we live. This is a contradiction of meaning, … in a sane world. But we don’t live in a sane world and the program is to shut down our food supply from different angles. The sustainablists are doing just that.

11 Shocking Things, You Now Realize To Be True!
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