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MF Banksters Robbing And Spraying The Entire Planet, While Setting-up World Government

  Aaron Dykes ‘fills in’ for Alex. Aaron covers the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Crackdown. The MF Global raiding of client’s accounts. The Ever Changing Usama Bin Laden Narrative. And, The Nightly News Crew interviews Anti-NWO ‘Hip Hop’ Artist, “Immortal Technique.”

The Alex Jones’ Show: Wednesday, Nov. 16th
On the Wednesday, (Nov. 16th) edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked with ‘ Trends ForecasterGerald Celente, about the financial derivatives broker MF Global stealing his gold futures, (in the six figure range). MF Global, run by former Goldman Sachs CEO and New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, filed for bankruptcy in October, after a staggering quarterly loss, following a bad debt provision. More than $600 million in 33,000 client accounts evaporated, after MF Global “co-mingled” client accounts with its corporate accounts, an obvious act of malfeasance. Alex also talked about the global monetary collapse, (now underway) as the criminal bankers move in, to steal trillions and consolidate their hold over nations, while victimizing millions of people.
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