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Chemtrails-Geoengineering – FEMA Camps – Celente MF Global Rip-off – Internet Lies A Crime – EAS – OWS

   On the Thursday (November 17th, 2011) edition of ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Infowars reporter Rob Dew, interviews world renowned “Trends Forecaster,” Gerald Celente, about the MF Global scandal and the Loss/Theft of HIS Gold Futures, that DISAPPEARED into the BANK$TER maw. JP Morgan Chase was also caught stealing from our men and woman in uniform! (These Criminal BANK$TER$ Have NO Shame!)  MEANWHILE, Herman Cain’s Busy, Hanging out, With Top Criminal, and NWO Globalist, Dr. Henry Kissinger. (Let THAT ‘Sink In’ For A Moment…) Rob also interviews Andrew Couts, (of Digital Trends) about the push by the Department of Justice, (DOJ) to make it a Punishable CRIME, To “LIE on The Internet” and, (or) “Violate the ‘Terms of Service’” of Websites. … BTW, Does This Apply, To The Corporate/Bankster-owned ‘Mainstream Media,’ Who Lies To “We The People,” EVERYDAY?! Other topics include, a run-down of the bankster’s crimes at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, including the details on one thieving JPMorgan Chase bankster, who went to prison for as little as two years, for stealing $1.2 MILLION from account holders. Dew and crew also cover, the latest on the ‘feds’ “Emergency Alert System,” including a plan to interrupt ‘Smart-phones’ and Video-Gamers on X-Boxes, with messages from our globalist rulers.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Nov. 17th On the Thursday, (November 17th) edition of the Alex Jones Show, editor and Nightly News host Aaron Dykes, uncovered the Chemtrail (aka; ‘Geoengineering‘) government ‘program,’ that’s poisoning the citizens of the planet, with toxic chemicals, in the name of combating “Global Warming” and (or) “Climate Change.” Then, Aaron and Alex cover/expose, the DHS FEMA camps, (aka; ‘Detention Centers’) that the U.S. Government doesn’t want you to know about. … For example, Tennessee Congressman, Steve Cohen, (Who co-sponsored Bill #H.R. 645) LIED and DENIED, that FEMA Camps exist. When Ventura asked Congressman Cohen, why would DHS be building FEMA camps, (contracted to, and designed by Halliburton) and for what purpose, Cohen stated; “Well we wouldn’t, because they don’t exist. … It’s just a figment of some people’s, who have concerns about, ahh, maybe Martians or other creatures, coming to infiltrate our society, thinking there are such camps.” Ventura replied, “I have more fear of my government, not green monsters in machines from outer space.” The episode was on TruTV’s; “Conspiracy Theory,” featuring Jesse Ventura and his episode; “Police State,” exposing Homeland Security’s “Threat Fusion Centers,” their FEMA Camps, Huge Stockpiles of Plastic Coffins in Georgia and Much More. It should be noted, that after pressure from ‘top’ government officials, TruTV was forced to yank that episode off the air, … Never to be aired again on television. Believe This; The ‘FEMA “Detention Center” Camps,’ The (Nationwide) “Threat Fusion Centers,” and Local “Clergy Response Teams” Are Very REAL. Welcome to, “The Fourth Reich.” … If You Wish To Live In Denial, (as so many German citizens did, in the 1930s and 40s) That Certainly IS Your Prerogative.
 Then, editor, (and journalist) Patrick Henningsen talked with Aaron, about the ‘co-opting’ and actual infiltration, of the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) movement, (now going world-wide) and the possibility that the British “Bobbies” will follow the lead of their American counterparts, by evicting the London ‘Occupy’ movement, ‘by any means nessesary.’
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