News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

  Things You Maybe Didn’t Know, About “Thanksgiving”
* The First Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving & Hatteras Island)
* Hidden History of Thanksgiving (Among Other Things)
(Unraveling Thanksgiving And Other Surrounding Myths)
    Uh-Oh “Officer” Pike, … Now You’ve Done It!  

For Those of You, Who Believe The Use of
Militarized-Police, (in full combat gear) Is Justified …

Just Remember The First Amendment To
The Constitution of The United States of America:
“Congress Shall Make NO Law Respecting An Establishment of Religion, or Prohibiting The Free Exercise Thereof; or Abridging The Freedom of Speech, OR of The Press; OR The Right of The People, Peaceably To Assemble, And To Petition The Government For a Redress of Grievances.”
The First Amendment (Amendment 1) To The United States Constitution, That Is Part of The “Bill of Rights.”

When YOU Lose YOUR Jobs, That Were “Outsourced” —
When YOUR Bank Accounts Are Emptied Out —
When YOUR 401-K and Pensions Have Been Stolen —
When YOUR House Has Been Foreclosed On —
When YOUR Family Has Nothing To Eat —
When The BANK$TER$ Have Finally Broken America’s Back.
Then, YOU May Wish To Protest, The Deliberate Robbing,
of Your Future, Your Children & Grandchildren’s Future,
By A Handfull of Oligarchical, Sychopathic Criminals. …
But You Won’t Be Able To, — As YOU Have Condoned
The Elimination of Free Speech & Thus, The Right To Protest.
Now YOU Must Remain Broke, Homeless, Subservient & QUIET.

DHS Issues Thanksgiving Turkey Frying Warning,
While Frying ‘Travelers’ With X-Ray Scanners!


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