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Time To Take Our Freedom Back – From The Fed

Ron Paul, on CNN’s “Situation Room”
Discussing an ad, taking aim at Gingrich; ‘Serial Hypocrisy’ “Our Enemy, Inflation” Ron Paul: “END THE ‘FED!’” Ron Paul at the ‘Ludwig Von Mises’ Institute, in Houston, sponsored by Jeremy S. Davis. (Recorded Saturday, January 24, 2009.) NOTE: For all you neocon/war mongering supporters of ‘Mitt’ and ‘Newt,’ The above video, will probably be way over your heads — (Sorry).
Obama Issues Ron Paul ‘Kill Order’ As Russia Prepares For War

Time To Take Our Freedom Back From The Fed!
The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion In Secret Bank Loans Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a longtime advocate for reform of the Federal Reserve, sharply criticized the (PRIVATELY-OWNED) ‘Federal’ Reserve, after Bloomberg news reported, that the ‘Federal’ Reserve secretly committed nearly $8 TRILLION Dollars, in support to American and international financial institutions during the 2008 ‘bailout.’ Kucinich went to the floor of the House of Representatives, calling upon Congress, to reclaim its Constitution primacy over monetary policy.
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We now have concrete evidence, that Wall Street and Washington, are running a ‘secret government,’ far removed from the democratic process. Through a freedom of information request (FOIA) by Bloomberg News, the public now has access to over 29,000 pages of ‘Fed’ documents and 21,000 additional ‘Fed’ transactions, that were deliberately hidden, and for good reason. … These documents show, how top government ‘officials’ willfully concealed from Congress and the public, the true extent of the 2008-’09 bailouts, that enriched the few and enhanced the interests of giant Wall Streets firms.
(Turns Out, The ‘Government Sachs’ “Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right ALL Along!)

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank: Dirty Secrets of The Temple
Bernanke’s Stealth Wall Street Bailout, Secret From Congress
The ‘Federal’ Reserve, Is A Privately-Owned Corporation

The Keiser Report:
Big Bazookas, Dead Whistleblowers & Hanging Paulson


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