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Food Storage and White House Strategy, To Combat Homegrown Terror

Storing Food, May Soon Be An Act of ‘Terrorism’?!
NaturalNews.Com, has confirmed, federal agents visited a Mormon stored food facility and demanded their customer names, addresses and purchase receipts. This is all part of the “crackdown” on anyone who tries to get prepared for the coming economic implosion, where government wants “we the people” to be victims, rather than ‘preppers’…

White House: New Strategy, To Combat “Homegrown Terror”
Document is a call for teaching local officials to recognize ‘violent extremism’ … The White House unveiled a strategy Thursday aimed at battling homegrown terrorism that emphasizes better coordination with local authorities. “Protecting our nation’s communities from violent extremist recruitment and radicalization is a top national security priority,” according to the strategic document. The strategy draws broad outlines for fighting ‘extremism’ and follows the White House’s National Strategy for Counterterrorism, which was released in June.


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