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Ill Is Dead, Long May He remain That Way! But WAIT, The U.S. Is Setting Up Detention Camps Just Like His!

  On the Monday, December 19 edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex talked with James Grundler of the indie rock band from Los Angeles, “Golden State,” about the Ron Paul iTunes Bomb and their latest song and video,  “Bombs,” (‘End This War’/The Ron Paul Song) destined to go viral. Also covered during this edition of theNightly News: The death of North Korean ancestral dictator, (and cult personality thug) Kim Jong-il and the reverberations the event may have on international politics. Ron Paul’s astounding rise in the polls and his first place lead as the GOP heads for Iowa and the first caucus in January of 2012. The latest uncovered document detailing the outline of the FEMA police state, as it looks for ‘detention/detainment camp’ contractors, to staff and supply the camps.

The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Dec. 19th, 2011 On the Monday, December 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex confronted the latest news, including the death and rumored assassination of North Korea’s cult of personality dictator, Kim Jong-Il and what his passing portends for international politics. Alex also talks about Ron Paul’s astounding lead in the polls with the Iowa caucus right around the corner. He takes a look at the continuing implosion of the eurozone and the Egyptian military crackdown on demonstrators, including the humiliating stripping and beating of female protesters.
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