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Presidential Frontrunner Warns – Martial Law Being Established in America

Presidential Frontrunner Warns —
Martial Law Being Established In America!

Infowars.Com | Leading GOP candidate, Ron Paul warns the American People, that the NDAA (and other dangerous legislation) is authorizing a total takeover inside the United States.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011
This Sunday Edition, Serves As A RED ALERT — A Warning, That America IS Slipping Into A Soviet-style Nightmare.  
In this special broadcast, Alex urges listeners to realize the grave choice we must all make– to face up to the harsh realities, of the dangerous events happening all around us, or ignore it and allow the country, (and the entire globe) to slip into total tyranny. It is all happening now– from a Pentagon-led takeover of the Internet and, bills authorizing the ‘clamp-down’ of free speech online, to a military takeover in the homeland, emboldened by NDAA legislation authorizing the indefinite detention of Americans without trial and a martial law emergency response grid. Preparations are now in place, to launch World War III and totally supplant the Constitutional basis for legitimate government, in the free world. Don’t miss this call to action; Tell your friends and family, to “Click-N-Listen,” to this special appeal to reason, in an attempt to stop what’s happening in its tracks, — Before It’s Too Late.


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