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COG – Military’s Blue Force-NWO, Against The Red Force-American People – The Ongoing Cover-up, False-flag 95 OKC Bombing

  The Thursday, (December 22, 2011) broadcast of the Infowars Nightly News put the spotlight on Ron Paul’s dramatic ‘David-vs-Goliath’ 2012 run for the White House. With the support of the people and a mandate for REAL Change, away from the fiat globalist empire and a return to Constitutional government, Ron Paul has defied all attempts to silence his name.

Daniel Fried Lies To Ron Paul
Fried Caught In ‘Bold-faced’ Lies … WHO Attacked WHO?! Paul vs. Fried, (Sec. of State, For European & Eurasian Affairs)

“Unelectable?” Dr. Ron Paul, Tells It Like It Is(This is the kind of attacks he has to put-up with.)

Oreilly Panics, After Ron Paul Brings Up 1953 Iran Coup, Brought About, By U.S. and UK ‘Meddling’ Bill O’reilly doesn’t CARE to hear Dr. Paul, tell what the U.S. did in the past, in the middle east. Ron Paul wants to put 9/11 in a historical perspective, but as you might expect from FOX, they’re not very interested in any discussion, on an intelectual level…

Alex also focused on the latest documents to surface, indicating a massive FEMA-led, COG (‘Continuity Of Government’) takeover operation, which increasingly targets the American people and declares them an enemy under occupation. A ‘pre-bid solicitation’ listing, posted on a government website was pulled, after coverage shed light on the use of the military’s ‘Blue Force’ tracking system, that literally identifies transmitter-carrying Federal Family operators as ‘blue friendlies,’ and ordinary people as a ‘red enemy force.’ Other plans for a takeover of communications and continuity of operations are discussed in detail. Other news covered includes:
* Twilight Zone — USA Today Story Headline;
Dr. Paul Leading In Iowa, ‘Ron Paul Still Not in Lead’
* CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Amongst Non-Whites
* Smoke Screening:
Why The TSA Is Ineffective and, Makes Airports Less Safe

* Finland Finds ‘Patriot Missiles’ on China-bound Ship

The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 On the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talked with Don Browning, a K9 unit police officer for OKC who found many living, (and dead) in the Murrah rubble and had the courage to testify before the OK County Grand Jury, standing up for police officer Terry Yeakey, … who was tortured, then murdered. Alex also talked with Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, the writer and producer for “A Nobel Lie; Oklahoma City 1995” a documentary exposing the official lie behind the Oklahoma City bombing, (now available at the Infowars store). Alex also covers the latest news and continues to look into evidence that the government is activating FEMA camps, — as the economy nears the periphery of destruction.
[The Last 1000 Alex Jones’ Daily Shows, (RSS).]


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