News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Ron Paul – The Man Who Would Be President

  A Look Back At Ron Paul and His Unwavering Stance on Freedom and Liberty, During His 30 Years In Politics. Dr. Paul talks about the criminal, corrupt government, CIA drug dealing, the ‘rigged’ two party system, abortion, and much, much more.

Chris Mathews & His ‘Mainstream’ Media ‘Presstitutes’ ‘Personal Liberties’ and ‘Freedom’ clearly demonized?! (Ron Paul Is a ‘Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist?!’) READ The YouTube ‘Comments’ Section … LOL! (Sorry Chris — “We The People” ARE Awake. …)

Michael Savage Slams Ron Paul, (& Alex Jones) (Google Search: ‘Michael Savage – aka; Michael Weiner’) WHO Does ‘Savage’ REALLY Work For?! (Ron Paul Hates Isreal, And the Banks?! — Does the Term; ‘ BRAIN-WASHING‘ Come To Mind?!)

Why Support Ron Paul? This Breaks It Down! Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate, running for the presidency of the United States of America, who will actually follow (and defend) the Constitution, against our enemies, … Both Foreign AND DOMESTIC. … (The other guys only say they will.) Romney is a pale reflection of Obama. Gingrich is a faded neocon who supports the globalist agenda. Bachmann is a former IRS enforcer who heads up the sabotaged formerly libertarian Tea Party. Santorum is a consummate insider who will attack Iran. — Ron Paul WILL end the (Privately-Owned) Federal Reserve and restore our country, to sound money. He’ll reduce the size and power of the leviathan ‘federal’ government, that has been put in place. Ron Paul Will end these unending neocon wars and bring the troops home, to do their job — defending our borders. That’s why the establishment media continues to trash him, while the (bankster-backed) neocons unleash vicious fusillades, as they desperately thrash about and try to maintain their wars on invented Muslim enemies. Ron Paul is the ONLY viable candidate who can save America — All of the others, spell pre-planned doom for the United States.


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