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The NDAA Bill, (Now Law) Is A Complete and Total HOAX

The NDAA Bill, (Now “Law”) IS A HOAX:
You Can’tLegalizeTyranny! ‘President’ Barry Soetoro Obama, quietly waited weeks — to sign the “National Defense Authorization Act(aka; the NDAA) legislation on New Year’s Eve, after publicly pledging to veto the bill that, (among other things) authorizes the indefinite detention (and murder) of American citizens. Obama’s ‘signing statement,’ tries to reassure observers, that he wouldn’t use the “law” to detain citizens, but that’s a mere illusion; His signing statement, (in actuallity) is meaningless, and the ‘establishment’ (who’s now occupying Washington) have pulled a great hoax on The American People’ in direct violation, of the United States Constitution and, ‘Bill of Rights,’ in order to enslave them. THERE’S JUST ONE PROBLEM … You Can’t Legalize Tyranny! One of the nation’s most well known legal precedents, Marbury vs. Madison, (set in 1803) makes it quite clear, that ANY “Law,” That ISRepugnant To The U.S. Constitution, IS Null And Void!”
The blatant unconstitutional powers enacted in the legislature and executive branch, is backfiring, … However, This crowning act of tyranny, is truly awakening ‘we the people,’ to the TRUE intentions of Big Government, in it’s covert takeover. The NDAA is so openly in violation of the American way, that Obama had to play lip-service to it, in his ‘signing statement’ language, even as he gave it the ‘power of law.’ Critics within the ACLU and, Human Rights centers, have abandoned their ‘comfort zones’ and attacked the ‘president’ from the left — for crossing the Rubicon on rights, (as they rightly should). Now is the time, for more AMERICAN CITIZENS, to join the call, to speak out against these ‘so-called’ “Laws,” that enable blatant political targeting of dissidents and, declare war against the citizens of the United States. Make no mistake, if we sit idly by and let this precedent become accepted — (like the (so called) ‘Patriot Act,’ — with the appearance of law) more and more unconstitutional legislation will, (as a matter of course) take hold.


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