News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Ethnic BIO WEAPONS of 2012, Is It The End Game?

  What IS the ‘end game’ and, what ‘race’ will rule and dominate. … DNA genetic terrorism: Scientist have identified ethnic markers in human DNA. The globalists’t ‘New World Order’ Scientists, have accelerated the ‘ethnic cleansing’ (ie; ‘The Great Culling’) through the use of ‘Bio weapons,’ such as the ‘Swine Flu,’ being the first test. … But will there be a major ‘false flag,’ using the term “Dirty bomb”, and “terrorist attack,” to cover the trail, leading to the ‘global Elite.’ The Illuminati, The core evil on this planet, … now, has the ability to kill everyone you know. Leaving the battlefield, scattered with the corpse’s of the average man, while leaving their family’s and their bloodlines completely safe. Genetic clones, zombies, Your DNA, IS Being Used, To Create Zombie Clones, (Yes My Friends, The Truth, IS Indeed, Stranger Than Fiction).


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