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The Misguided vs. The Sagacious

The Misguided
Anton Szandor LaVey: “Speak of the Devil” (1993) A bizzare video biography of one of the most misguided figures of this or any other age, (“the high priest of the ‘Church of Satan’” and author of “The Satanic Bible”) Anton Szandor LaVey, (born; Howard Stanton Levey). historic clips including a rare early Kiddie Show appearance, The ‘Brother Buzz’ show and a tour of his legendary Victorian San Francisco home, universally known as “The Black House.” This peek at LaVey’s ‘lair’ includes his Ritual Chamber, Music Room, Library and the infamous retreat, he called the “Den of Iniquity,” a perfect reproduction of a dank and slighty dangerous Saloon, where LaVey peopled lifelike statuettes, of broken-down bar patrons, that he made himself. [It should be noted, that on his deathbed in 1997, Anton LaVey realized, (to his horror) the truth … much too late.] “Oh my, Oh my, What have I done, there’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong, there’s something very wrong.” –Anton Szandor LaVey, (last words on his deathbed, 1997) Hmmm, Certainly Should Be, ‘Food For Thought,’ For All Who Attend THIS Place Annually!)

The Sagacious
Akiane Kramarik: Artistic/Poetic, Child Prodigy Akiane Kramarik is, a ‘self-taught’ painter and poet. However, she states that God has given her the visions and abilities to create her work, which is unusual, considering both her parents were atheist at the time (they later converted to Christianity, because of Akiane’s paintings and visions). Ms. Kramarik started drawing at the age of four, advancing to painting at six, and writing poetry at seven. Her first completed self-portrait sold for $10,000 dollars. A portion of the money generated from sales, is donated by Kramarik to various charities. According to Akiane, her art is inspired by her visions of heaven, and her personal connection with God. Kramarik’s art depicts life, landscape, and people. (Videos)


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