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Feds Laundered Millions, For Mexican Drug Cartel

American drug enforcement agents, (‘posing as money launderers’) secretly helped a major Mexican drug-trafficker (and his principal Colombian cocaine supplier) to move millions in drug proceeds, (around the entire planet)  as part of the ‘effort’ to “infiltrate and dismantle the criminal organizations wreaking havoc south of the border,” (according to ‘newly obtained,’ Bull-Shit) documents from the Mexican government.
* Article By Ginger Thompson, @ The NY. Times … (Well, Those Aren’t Exactly HER Words, — The ‘B-S’ Are Webmaster-claimed … (Sigh.)

Grab The Full Article, Here »

The Politics of Heroin:
The CIA, The Military & Drugs, W/ Dave Emory Recorded on October 16, 1986. (Dave Emory and ‘Nip Tuck’) The first of 5, AFA shows, dealing with the intelligence community and the narcotics trade, the broadcast, sets-forth, much of the history of this criminal relationship. … In particular, the program focuses on the role of professional, ‘post World War II’ — anti-communists, during the growth of their multi-billion dollar, heroin business.


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