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FOX News Holiday Card – The Viewers Are SHEEP?!

On the Tuesday, January 10 edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex covered the Christmas card sent out from Fox News headquarters, (Go HERE, For The ‘Yahoo’ Article) that proves the media ‘spin-miesters’ think little of their viewers. The card features a sled race led by a Fox, with the big three’ TV networks following behind, all pulled by sheep. The card depicts dramatically what critics of the mainstream ‘presstitute’ media, have observed for years — “These news outlets, knowingly deceive their audiences, spin facts, omit truths and tell lies” all thinking their viewers are too stupid to know better. Now, their depiction as sheep, blindly heeding the commands of the predator Fox, have been exposed and locked into memory. 
  Next,  a segment on is featured: “Despite catastrophic outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan, American militarism shows no sign of abating. The United States is killing people in more and more countries; war profiteers are getting luxuriously rich at the public’s expense, while poverty and destitution threaten millions of American families. The military industrial congressional complex, has metastasized, creating a nightmare, beyond anything Eisenhower could have imagined.” 
   Later, Alex spoke with guest ‘Frederick,’ who kicked off the boycott against the website hosting giant “GoDaddy,” over its support for the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) legislation, that many fear will be the downfall of Internet freedom and enable a crackdown on dissent on the basis of reported copyright violation. Frederick helped domain owners move their sites, sparking tens of thousands of withdraws, which soon forced “GoDaddy” to publicly disavow SOPA, in order to save its reputation online. It’s truly the story of what just one person can do, when they stand up to the system and do all they can, to actually make a difference.


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